blu™ Cig…  Small size…  Big impact.

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blu ACE™ blu ACE™  (amount: 1 Unit)
blu ACE™ blu ACE™  (amount: 5 Units)
blu ACE™ Coil Pack blu ACE™ Coil Pack  (amount: 1 Unit)
blu ACE™ Coil Pack blu ACE™ Coil Pack  (amount: 5 Units)
Myblu™ Myblu™ Starter Pack  (1 Unit | 5 Units)
Myblu™ Intense Liquipods  (flavour: Blueberry)
Myblu™ Intense Liquipods  (flavour: Menthol)
Myblu™ Intense Liquipods  (flavour: Strawberry)
Myblu™ Intense Liquipods  (flavour: Tobacco)
Myblu™ Liquipods  (flavour: Blue Ice, nicotine-strength: 8mg)
Myblu™ Liquipods  (flavour: Green Apple, nicotine-strength: 8mg)
Myblu™ Liquipods  (flavour: Mango Apricot, nicotine-strength: 8mg)
Myblu™ Liquipods  (flavour: Tobacco, nicotine-strength: 16mg)

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