Demon Killer Wick and Wire

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Demon Killer – Wick and Wire

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These wick n wire packs by Demon Killer are manufactured in Japan and come in a wide variety of gauges and wire types. In the base of the package is organic cotton made in Japan and in the top is a 15ft roll of KA wire of your choice. The following are each different pot that we stock…

  • Alien wire 0.3*0.8+32 gage
  • Clapton wire 24 gage+30 gage
  • Clapton 24 gage +32 gage
  • Flat twisted 0.2*0.8*0.2
  • Fused clapton 28*2+32gage
  • Hive wire 30 gage +30gage*2
  • Tiger wire 26 gage +0.2*0.8
  • Twisted wire 24 gage*2

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