Hangsen Classics 50/50 (5 Pack)

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Hangsen Classics 50/50 (5 Pack)





Hangsen Classics 50/50

Introducing the full range of 50/50 Classic E-Liquids by Hangsen. With the choice of  fruit, menthol and tobacco flavours, there’s something for everyone.

Hangsen Classics Flavours:

Golden Tobacco – A taste of pure Virginia tobacco, with deep woody notes. This will give you the same sensation as you would get from hand-rolled tobacco.

Classic Tobacco – Aromatic and boasting a fantastic throat hit. Classic Tobacco is perfect for curbing cravings and is satisfying on every puff.

RY4 – One of the world’s best-selling flavours. Delicately balancing notes of creamy vanilla and rich caramel with fine toasted tobacco, RY4.

Menthol – Boldly refreshing and cool, a menthol that will reel you in with a light minty bite.

Super Menthol – The ultimate cool-down. It’s the very essence of minty freshness.

Blueberry – An all time classic, selling 100’s of thousands of bottles in the UK alone a blueberry e liquid second to none in the vaping world.

Blackcurrant – A sweet taste of savoury blackcurrants that’s a smooth and mellow vape with hints of raspberry and a delicate floral touch.

Lemon and Lime – Just as refreshing as a glass of ice cold lemonade on a hot day, a tart, tangy and delicious flavour.

Mango: A flavour that’s both dynamic and rich, our Mango juice will whisk you away to a tropical paradise.

Strawberry: A sweet and tasty strawberry e liquid.

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