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Hangsen Classics 50/50 (5 Pack) BRAND NEW!




Offer includes

30 Outers (1 outer =5 pack)  of every flavour and strength)

1 PVCU Store Counter Display Unit (CDU)

Hangsen Classic 50/50 E-Liquids

Introducing the full range of 50/50 Classic E-Liquids by Hangsen. With the choice of  fruity, menthol and tobacco flavours, there’s something for customer.

The Hangsen Classics range is suitable for all low powered devices and pod systems. With the same great quality and consistency since 2009, Hangsen pride themselves in selling over 90 bottles every minute worldwide. Almost all devices are optimised for 50/50 PG/VG e-liquid, making this the perfect choice for pod users.

Hangsen Classic E-Liquid Flavours Available:

Golden Tobacco: For those who love the refined taste of pure Virginia tobacco, nothing comes close to the Golden Tobacco flavour. Its deep woody notes will give you the same sensation as you would get from hand-rolled tobacco.

Classic Tobacco: A timeless classic. Subtle, aromatic and boasting a fantastic throat hit, Classic Tobacco is perfect for deliciously curbing cravings and is satisfying on every puff.

RY4: RY4 is one of the world’s best-selling flavours. Delicately balancing notes of creamy vanilla and rich caramel with fine toasted tobacco, RY4 is pleasantly savoury and delightfully sweet.

Menthol: Boldly refreshing and gratifyingly cooling, Menthol with reel you in with a light minty bite and top it off with a daring eucalyptus punch for a truly sensational vape.

Super Menthol: Strong and uncompromising, Super Menthol is the ultimate cool-down. It’s the very essence of minty freshness accentuated with a vigorous icy breeze.

Blueberry: This e-juice tastes like sweet ripe berries bursting with flavour in the summer sun. It’s delicately balanced between sugary and tart and delivers a full blast of berry goodness in every single puff.

Blackcurrant: A sweet and earthy taste of savoury blackcurrants effortlessly translates into a smooth and mellow vape with hints of raspberry and a delicate floral touch.

Lemon and Lime: Just as refreshing as a glass of ice-cold lemonade on a hot day, L&L is tart, tangy and tantalizing. Hitting all the notes between an appetizing lemon tart and a crisp limey mojito, it’s perfect for those who enjoy a sour vape.

Mango: Juicy, mellow and honey-sweet mangoes sprinkled with a light tropical rain are irresistible in any form. With a flavour that’s both dynamic and rich, our Mango juice will whisk you away to a tropical paradise.

Strawberry: Taste then sun on your lips as you vape this sweet and smooth juice made with the world’s favourite berry and bring back the delightful carelessness of summer days with every draw.


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