Mints – Hangsen Honor Series (10 Pack)

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Hangsen Honor Series  50/50

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Honor Mint Flavours:

Bubblegum – A mint bubblegum that leaves a sweet minty aftertaste

Double Mint – Double the mint, double the flavour. So much mint, are you sure you can handle it?

Ginger Secret – Delivers an intensive taste of ginger blended with notes of lemon and mint in an exciting vaping flavour

Light Fantastic – A perfect mixture of blueberry and ice. Fruity on the inhale, freezing on the exhale

Menthol – Fantastic on its own for those who enjoy a strong hit of cool menthol, or it can be added to other flavours to give them a fresh kick

Sweet Menthol – Like the perfect balance of Yin and Yang, Sweet Menthol blends fruity and minty tastes to a harmonised, yet sensational vapour experience


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Weight 215 kg

Bubblegum, Double Mint, Ginger Secret, Light Fantastic, Menthol, Sweet Menthol


0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg


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