Tobacco Flavours – Hangsen Atom (10 Pack)

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Hangsen Atom Series  70pg/30vg

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Hangsen are the world leaders when it comes to e-liquids, especially tobacco flavours so don’t be afraid to try these amazing Atom liquids they will work in most e cigs.

Atom liquids come in 10ml bottles and are a 70pg/30vg thickness ratio.

Hangsen Atom Tobacco Flavours:

  • Cigar
  • Deluxe Tobacco
  • Desert Ship
  • Gold & Silver
  • Golden Tree
  • Golden VGA
  • Highway
  • Rainbow
  • Red USA Mix
  • RY4
  • Smooth
  • ST Tobacco
  • Tobacco
  • Tobacco Mint
  • USA Mix
  • Virginia Tobacco


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